SEO Audits

SEO Audits

Are you looking for the best SEO audit services to boost the organic traffic of your website? Being a leading SEO company, we have a team of specialists who handle the SEO audits proactively and effectively. We offer customised SEO audits that are specific to your industry to identify possible problems and offer timely solutions. We work on unique strategies for your particular errors and implement it almost immediately to enhance your site’s performance. Get a free analysis to know if your website actually needs a SEO audit and how often it should be performed.


Why Your Website May Need an SEO Audit?

There are a lot of reasons that can occur when your website may need an SEO audit. An experienced SEO consultant can identify if your website needs an SEO audit and how often it should be done. Here are a few among many such reasons.

Slower page load times: Your website may experience slower page load times that can be annoying for the visitors. Moreover, the search engines will rank your page low and thus can result in a loss of revenue.

Content is outdated: If the content in your website is outdated, it can make your site bloated. With keywords that are no longer essential and relevant for visitors, website traffic can take a dip.

Broken links: There can be broken links that are internal, outbound, or inbound. This can result in a lower authority and trust for your website.

Organic traffic has declined: Your website can experience a sudden decline in the organic traffic. It can be due to a content, technical or link related event or may be as a result of a recent site redesign, rebrand, consolidation or site migration.

Poor mobile experiences: If mobile experience of your website is poor, it can lead to peak in the bounce rate with unsatisfied users. Google can rank your website low if they see a trend of low user satisfaction.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines Compliance: If Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are not followed, the content in your website can appear as not really visible in top search results and this can even result in a deflation of your website.

Blocked or hidden content: The indexation problems can cause your website content to be less accessible to customers in search engines. This can lower your website traffic and potential leads.

Website is not secure: If your website is listed as no longer secure, it can give warnings for visitors in their browser and can risk their privacy. If your competitor offers https sites, then it can hit your revenue, as well.

Our Key SEO Audit Services

Our experts cover a lot of areas to check and resolve many aspects of websites to keep it running effectively. Here are our key SEO audit services.

On-Page SEO Audit:
On-page audits are important to check the optimization of your website for a lot of aspects including responsiveness, content quality, website structure, keyword density, redirections, title and metadata and a lot more.
Off-Page SEO Audit:
This service goes to a much deeper level to check the aspects that are not really implemented directly. Executing linking strategies is a key service that has a lot to do with boosting competitive keywords that are high volume.
Content SEO Audit:
There is no doubt about the importance of content quality in improving the reach of your website. By doing content audit, SEO professionals can help to optimise the possibilities of your website content along with guidance for proper content creation approach.
Technical SEO Audit:
A technical SEO audit can identify and resolve all the possible technical errors that are affecting the traffic to your website. This can include areas like crawlability, site map, structured data, website structure, SSL and more.
Google Penalty Identification Audit:
Some Google penalties may go unnoticed, and this can cause serious drawbacks in maintaining the credibility of your website. Only an SEO expert can identify it on time and do what is necessary to rectify it at the earliest.

Choose Us for The Best SEO Audit Services

We offer unparalleled comprehensive SEO audits that covers everything that is vital to achieve and maintain the credibility and success of your business. Our team of experienced UX experts and eCommerce specialists work with professionalism and high level of integrity. Get in touch with us soon by dropping us a message or simply call us to connect with our specialists to avail the best services.

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